The ROTASTYLE brand is known the world over as a synonym for DESIGN, QUALITY, CARE, and PASSION, where from a mix of engineering and creativity the products take shape. We love the design, creation and wholesale distribution of great style and sophistication; cremation urns that vary in shape, born from solid-wood craftsmanship. The hardwood is carved from the innermost, hardest, and most dense part of a tree. The trunks are sawed, becoming 4-5 cm-high tables up to four metres in length. These proportions allow the wood's characteristics to shine through.

The quality of the wood comes from its hardness, solidity, and durability. It’s hard for a non-expert to spot: the wood’s virtues are mistaken for flaws, such as little flames, rare rooted knots, tonal shifts from light to dark, darker lines on a light base, marks that represent the fabric of the wood. There are an infinite variety of wood families. We trust woods like MAHOGANY, WALNUT, AFRORMOSIA, ASH, LARICE, OR YELLOW PINE.

That said, Rotastyle is able to create tasteful products for every price point thanks to its careful selection of materials and its DESIGN which is always MADE IN ITALY
The simplicity and purity of the smooth cremation urn shapes allow the characteristics of the hardwood to shine through. Its colours, fibres, and grain make each piece one-of-a-kind.
In addition to the standard finish, or environmentally friendly wax- and water-based finishes, we can, upon request, provide other types of finishes including: glossy, satin, decapé or lacquered customisable in the desired colour. 

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Italian walnut LISCIA “SMOOTH” Urn - ELEGANCE

LISCIA "SMOOTH" ELEGANCE in Italian walnut is a smooth urn distributed by wholesaler Rotastyle Srl crafted of hardwood; the variety is top-quality Italian walnut. The typical wood grain and nuances of Italian walnut are its most appreciated qualities. An piece in Italian wal...

Smooth-finish cremation urns - Linear, Smoothh, Urns, Elegance urns, Italian walnut, Smooth, Dark wood, Top-of-the-line, Matte

LISCIA “SMOOTH” urn American oak - AUREA “GOLD”…

LISCIA AUREA “SMOOTH GOLD” in American oak is a smooth cremation urn distributed by Rotastyle Srl and crafted in hardwood; the variety is top-quality American oak.  American oak has long been appreciated for its straw, rosy-orange tones, and its flame-like grain, which take...

Smooth-finish cremation urns - Smoothh, Mid-range, Golden, Ug urns, American oak, Smooth, Light wood, Wax