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“Memory” sculptured jewel

A funeral is a rite of letting go. This concept provided the literal inspiration for the “Reflection-Flower of Memory”. A veritable silver jewel. The “Sculpture - Jewel - Reflection” can be detached and divided into individual petals. Each one is a precious item of jewellery that symbolises memory. One might wear it on a chain or bracelet. A word, date, or name can be inscribed on the back     At the end of the service, the “Fl...

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New brass Rotastyle handle: “Prestige” model

Rotastyle presents a preview of the brass handle called “Prestige”.  Rotastyle’s R&D investments continue to grow, and have garnered renown in the industry. The company’s culture is to innovate continually without sacrificing the craftsmanship and tradition that are the hallmarks of its product.  In an effort to “keep pace” with current trends, this Italian company works tirelessly in re...

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Rotastyle wooden feet production

 Rotastyle wooden casket supports: “A baseline of quality”.There is such a wide array of shapes, sizes, and materials for casket supports, including feet. This funeral hardware, in zamak, brass, or biodegradable elements, are offered in rounded silhouettes or with special bas-relief designs. The feet are optional - not all funeral directors request these when they purchase a wooden casket. Some funeral homes prefer t...

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