Rotastyle Srl is the industry leader in the production of inlaid cremation urns. It has set itself apart on the market thanks to its style which shows great deference to the departed. A mix of engineering and creativity take shape in inlaid cremation urns in various versions featuring original designs. The company mission can be summed up as “The Art of Precious Memory”.
The inlaid cremation urns produced by Rotastyle Srl are designed for an Italian and international clientele, one that is increasingly selective and sophisticated, using carefully selected materials, top-quality woods, embellished with inlay done completely by hand in the traditional manner, with details in mother-of-pearl, stones, and precious metals. Amongst the many artistic options available, Rotastyle produces inlaid cremation urns in a variety of silhouettes with various finishes and decorations requiring great dexterity and technical ability: inlay, engraving, or stone-setting.
Rotastyle Srl designs, produces, and wholesale distributes top-quality inlaid cremation urns that are, to this day, hand-crafted entirely in ITALY. Rotastyle Srl products are the result of 'careful selection of top-quality hardwoods such as rosewood, myrtle, cherry, walnut, with the most varied and well-researched woods. Rotastyle’s inlaid cremation urns are then embellished with the most fascinating inlaid that are gently smoked to create evocative, natural chromatic effects, then set one-by-one by hand, to create compositions that are of astounding harmony, further embellished by the placement of pewter, brass, or mother-of-pearl, lapis lazuli, or other precious-metal inserts.
Rotastyle Srl produced cremation urns are, at first blush, one of inimitable CLASS, sophisticated study of each and every detail, which aligns with its signature, always 100% MADE IN ITALY.

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ALI NELLA LUCE “SUNLIT WINGS” in Bolivian walnut is a top-quality cremation urn distributed by Rotastyle Srl and crafted in hardwood; the variety is top-quality Bolivian walnut. This special inlaid urn is intended for the discerning customer who appreciates the use of carefully select...

Inlaid cremation urns - Floral, Dark wood, Inlaid, Glossy, Top-of-the-line, Bolivian walnut, Roses, Urns, Ug urns, Golden urn, Butterfly


The IMMENSO “IMMENSE” inlaid cremation urn, produced and distributed by wholesaler Rotastyle Srl is made using exquisite, solid sapele mahogany. This special inlaid urn is intended for the discerning customer who appreciates the use of carefully selected materials, enhanced with ...

Inlaid cremation urns - Sapele mahogany , Dark wood, Inlaid, Glossy, Religious, Top-of-the-line, Madonna, Urns, Ug urns, Golden urn