SOFFIO DI ETERNITA' in american oak is an inlaid casket distributed by wholesaler Rotastyle Srl manufactured in hardwood (40 and 50 mm thick); the variety is high-quality American oak. This special inlaid casket is intended for the discerning customer who appreciates the use of carefully selected materials, enhanced with traditional hand-crafted inlays, and with finishes and designs that require create dexterity and sophisticated technique. To ensure the exclusiveness and one-of-a-kind quality of the inlaid caskets produced and distributed by Rotastyle, each individual piece is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, and a MADE IN ITALY registered trademark.
Inlay, is an expression of grace and elegance, long considered the zenith of cabinet-maker craftsmanship and artistry. The “Soffio di Eternità” features aristocratic materials including authentic Australian mother of pearl, and top-quality woods in various tones with a smoky finish, create interesting colouration. Its exclusivity comes from a processing that remains primarily hand-crafted, fusing with the inimitable beauty of the grain designed in the wood by time. An inlaid work is always unique in that nature can never be cloned.

Matte finish brings out the work's detail. 

particolari SOFFIO GRIGIO

  • Measurement type: Standard size
  • Craftsmanship type: Inlaid
  • Wood type: Sapele Mahogany
  • Colour: Dark wood
  • Code: 01MSFVF1

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