INFINITY - RAGGIO DI LUNA “MOONRAY” is an engraved casket distributed by wholesaler Rotastyle Srl crafted in hardwood (40 and 50 mm); the variety is select yellow pine. 

Engraving has long been considered the zenith of craftsmanship and technique. The Infinity - Raggio di Luna “Moonray” casket features a delicate bas-relief design, created using an authentic artisan hand-finished engraving technique which brings out the beauty of the wood grain, lent to the wood by time.
The casket is embellished along the side/circular engraving with original and versatile brass portholes. The wide range of portholes offered by Rotastyle includes religious and floral motifs, some of which have been further embellished with hand-applied enamels or crystals. With this casket model, funeral homes have the option to purchase the portholes separately in order to decide last-minute how to customise the casket as needs require. 

To ensure the one-of-a-kind quality and exclusiveness of the INFINITY LINE caskets produced and distributed by Rotastyle, each individual article comes with an authenticity certificate, and a MADE IN ITALY registered trademark. 

Rotastyle's wax finish is inspired by 18th Century French design. This type of finish leaves the wood grain visible, and is renowned for its shine and soft touch. 

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  • Measurement type: Standard size
  • Craftsmanship type: Inlaid
  • Wood type: Yellow Pine
  • Colour: Light wood
  • Code: 21YPXLR4

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