The ceramic RAKU mod. SOLE “SUN” cremation urns proposed and distributed by Rotastyle Srl are designed for an Italian and international clientèle that are increasingly discerning, and hoping to stand out. Amongst the many artistic options, Rotastyle offers ceramic cremation urns utilising the RAKU technique (ancient Japanese pottery technique).
These cremation urns are characterised by lines and imperfections that become a symbol of simplicity and beauty. 

The ceramic cremation urns distributed by wholesaler Rotastyle Srl are always available in three variations: LUNA "MOON" (blue) - SOLE "SUN" (beige) - TERRA "EARTH" (brown). 

rotastyle cremation urn manufacturer raku moon detail1rotastyle cremation urn manufacturer raku sun detail3rotastyle cremation urn manufacturer raku earth detail2

Measurement type: Vertical
Craftsmanship type: Painted
Wood type: Ceramic
Colour: Ivory
Code: 34RKSOUC

Italian walnut LISCIA “SMOOTH” Urn - ELEGANCE

LISCIA "SMOOTH" ELEGANCE in Italian walnut is a smooth urn distributed by wholesaler Rotastyle Srl crafted of hardwood; the variety is top-quality Italian walnut. The typical wood grain and nuances of Italian walnut are its most appreciated qualities. An piece in Italian wal...

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LISCIA “SMOOTH” urn American oak - AUREA “G…

LISCIA AUREA “SMOOTH GOLD” in American oak is a smooth cremation urn distributed by Rotastyle Srl and crafted in hardwood; the variety is top-quality American oak.  American oak has long been appreciated for its straw, rosy-orange tones, and its flame-like grain, which ...

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