FILI FIORITI “FLOWERED THREADS” in American oak is a laser-engraved casket distributed by wholesaler Rotastyle Srl manufactured in hardwood (40 and 50 mm thick); the variety is high-quality American oak

Casket crafted based on a Ekeos ® body with a floral motif, created using laser-incision techniques that encircle the casket.

American oak has long been appreciated for its straw, rosy-orange tones, and its flame-like grain, which take on various evocative shapes and is the hallmark of its singularity.

Its durability and rarity heighten its value. To ensure the one-of-a-kind quality and exclusiveness of the models, each individual article comes with an authenticity certificate, and a ROTASTYLE MADE IN ITALY registered trademark. 

Unfinished look. 

“Our goal is to offer a casket that is a precious treasure chest, in that it holds our departed loved one. Each Rotastyle funeral product is the fruit of careful design - with nothing left to chance - from the sensitive and empathic mind of our DESIGNER Cinzia Rota. A style that tracks with current trends - often imitated, never replicated”. 

Patented casket - designed and created in collaboration with Eng. Paolo Rota - p. Gianpaolo Rota and designers Cinzia Rota and Fulvio Marini) 

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Measurement type: Standard size
Craftsmanship type: Laser-engraved
Wood type: American oak
Colour: Light wood
Code: 15RAFFK4

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Creation Production has its roots in Italy's artistic heritage. It is set apart by an excellent creativity, both in terms of style and materials, bolstered by the great passion that distinguishes the Rota family as a whole. Madreperla, argento, radica di olmo rosa francese: sono solo alcuni t...

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Expertise  Rotastyle’s mission is the “art of precious memory”.  Beginning in 1830, when the family launched artistic cabinet-making operations in the Province of Bergamo, the Company then evolved, specialising in the production of caskets and cremation urns that were particularly ...

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Founded in 1830, we produce caskets, funeral urns, funeral décor and accessories created with hand-crafted materials according to the ancient tradition of cabinet-making.  Rotastyle is a traditional family business: its roots date back to 1830, when it launched operations in the field of ar...

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